Topologypro's Mudit Gupta Releases His Book 'VOTE FOR REMOTE WORK: Importance From Eyes Of An Entrepreneur'

May 6, 2021

Elgin, Illinois May 7, 2021 ( - Renowned computer science engineer and startup entrepreneur, Mudit Gupta has released an eye-opening book on the necessity of remote working in recent times. The book 'VOTE FOR REMOTE WORK: Importance from Eyes of An Entrepreneur' is available in Kindle Edition on Amazon The book talks about how remote working can help both organizations and employees building a much smoother work process. He presents his own rendition of the aspect and sheds light on the benefits of working remotely. He hopes to simplify the complexity that both employers and the employees face while they are first introduced to remote working. The Kindle version of the book is only $5.05 and the paperback edition can be bought at $9.99.

There are certain workers, like sales teams, field, engineers, and more who have to come to the workplace due to the nature of their work. But not all the employees are to be put in the same category. A wide range of workers does not need to go to a particular place for their work. With the right tools, they can make any place their workplace. It eliminates many limitations offering seamless workflow. It can be extremely beneficial for companies of all scales. The book, 'VOTE FOR REMOTE WORK: Importance from Eyes of An Entrepreneur' points out the advantages of working remotely and tries to decode the stigmas around it. It also shows the ways that a company can implement it effectively and make profits with it.

The writer of the book Mudit Gupta, is a man of many talents. The exemplary computer science engineer has worked with IBM India and Europe, top companies in India like Vaibhav Global Ltd, Infosys, and more for more than 17 years. Armed with his years of experience, the executive by profession is helping and guiding people to grab the opportunity to create a big impact in the market with their innovative ideas. He is a firm believer in the power of entrepreneurship and hopes to guide the young generation on the right way of doing it. He says that it is the best way to get educated about the industry and make self-discovery. Being an entrepreneur himself, the seasoned professional has gathered vast experience on the market.

Mudit Gupta has established his own firm TopologyPro that offers a wide range of IT services for businesses from every industry using the latest and most advanced technologies of recent times. The expert team of members at the company offers web development, web designing, application development, BPO services, hosting services, outsourcing, internet marketing, IT manpower and staff solution, portfolio management, and website maintenance to businesses of all scales. They offer one of the best and cost-efficient IT solutions for companies around the world. With proper research and creative and strategized planning, the company establishes a powerful online identity for their client's business or brand. For more details, visit them at and follow them on Facebook

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