Coinstox unveils DeFi crowdfunding platform; starts ICO

Apr 17, 2021

Coinstox is all out in revolutionizing the financial service sector after launching a DeFi crowdfunding platform, which seeks to enable startups and entrepreneurs to generate capital fast, intelligent, and transparent in exchange for tokens.

Austria - April 17, 2021 /MarketersMedia/ —

"Coinstox serves as a bridge that connects businesses and investors, providing benefits to both parties. As a startup owner, you can tokenize your assets and sell them using crowdfunding. And as investors, you buy tokens from young companies, which you can subsequently sell profitably after the tokens rise in price," a company representative said.

Decentralized Finance or DeFi are open-source, digital, decentralized, and mostly based on the blockchain.

"Defi crowdfunding platform is built using blockchain technology, so you transfer your products and serves to the digital context," the representative said.

Coinstox said the number of startups that offer their solutions to pressing problems has increased in the wake of the cryptocurrency market's growth.

"Funding is the most pressing issue for all young teams. It is simply difficult for them to find investors since many do not even know where to apply. In a bank with a loan, they are very likely to be refused, possibly due to bad credit history, or perhaps there is another reason – and it is not always possible to attract their funds," the representative said.

At the same time, Coinstox said there is a considerable layer of investors who do not have the most significant capital to become a "whale." However, they are pretty capable of financing a developing project if they see the benefit in it.

Coinstox stressed that investors could easily search for startups they like by using the platform, and startups can grow with their help.

Startups can quickly get investments, tokenize their assets and subsequent sale using the blockchain, and grow through capital raising.

Investors, on the other hand, get tokenized assets of young companies that buy with cryptocurrency. Coinstox said this makes it easier to acquire them since banks can be bypassed and transactions are instant.

"They also get convenient management of investment portfolio, and smart contracts protect all transactions, which means they can be sure of their reliability and transparency," the representative added.

Coinstox also announced that it is now listed on ICOmarks, a rating and stats platform for cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Coinstox added that its new CSX Pools are live in People can choose a CSX Pool to stake CSX and receive 20% to up to 140% profits when Pools are fully filled.

For instance, with the current CSX Price average at USD 0.14, by choosing Pool 3, one could stake 1000 CSX and get back 1000 CSX + 1400 CSX, equivalent to a 140% profit.

Coinstox is also listed in cryptocurrency market research platform Coinpaprika, as well as CoinGecko, the world's largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator.

Since June 2020, when the concept of Coinstox was created, the company said its high-skilled team has ramped up efforts to make an easy and secure yet beneficial way of financial trade to revolutionize the financial service sector.

The founding team that came up with the project idea are Thomas Ganz, Ridvan Bektas, and Sükrü Bektas.

Thomas is an entrepreneur and private investor in incubator companies and venture capital startups. Having attended leading academic institutions in Europe, his interest in companies is driven by information technology and blockchain technology.

Ridvan, meanwhile, helps startups and businesses make their market and technology just perfect. Ridvan has experience in IOT, blockchain, deep learning, and machine learning. He believes that emerging technologies are the next thing in any industry.

Sükrü, on the other hand, is a child of the digital age who understands the importance of digital solutions. He has a full grasp of how to continually improve business processes and analyze and redesign a current process that needs improvement.

Coinstox's current leading partner is Metamask Wallet, which is well-known and used by millions of people. MetaMask can be downloaded as a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge Browser.

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