Puppy Bone Support with Brain Development Boost Now Available

maxxipaws has just launched its puppy bone and brain development supplement advanced line, maxxipuppy. Created to help promote bone growth and puppy brain development, this product is now available for sale on the maxxipaws official website and Amazon.

April 23, 2019 —

BERKSHIRE, UK: The premium pet supplement brand, maxxipaws, has just launched its puppy brain and bone supplement advanced line, maxxipuppy. Created to help promote bone growth and puppy brain development, this product is now available for sale on the maxxipaws official website and Amazon.

According to maxxipaws Founder, Birgir Gislason, “As a brand, maxxipaws has always been committed to helping pet owners keep their beloved pets happy and healthy for as long as possible. Our bespoke formulation of vitamins for puppies targets the crucial early development stage in pups to stimulate both brain development as well as bone growth, laying a strong foundation for their health in the future. As with all the products under our brand, this supplement is made of natural, non-GMO ingredients and all human grade ingredients, and does not contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.”

Just as in the case of human development, a good nutritional start is vital for a puppy’s future growth and well-being. Depending on the breed, a puppy’s growth and developmental stage continues until early adulthood at one to two years of age. As such, proper support for bone and brain development is essential for this time in a puppy’s life. The easy-to-use formula created by maxxipaws is a great option for owners to support their young pup’s development, beginning once their puppy has been weaned—anywhere between three and eight weeks old—until they reach early adulthood. The maxxipaws supplement comes in an easy to ingest powdered form that can be mixed into a puppy’s meal with zero fuss.

Providing puppies with the right vitamins for their bone health is crucial, as the skeletal system of dogs consists of bones and cartilage that perform critical functions. This includes protecting internal organs, facilitating movement, producing blood cells, and storing and releasing minerals and fats. By giving a supplement for bone growth that doubles up as a brain development supplement for puppies at an early age, pet owners can rest assured that they’re providing the best for their puppy’s health.

To explore maxxipaws’ complete range of pet supplements, check out their Facebook page or visit their official website today.

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