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NASA's plan to scoop up dirt from asteroid hits a snag

Mar 19, 2019

NASA's plan to scoop up dirt and gravel from an asteroid hits a snag

NASA's new rocket won't be ready for moon shot next year

Mar 13, 2019

NASA's top official says the space agency's new rocket won't be ready for a launch next year to the moon

Pentagon reviewing Elon Musk's security clearance

Mar 8, 2019

An official says the Pentagon is reconsidering the federal security clearance held by tech billionaire Elon Musk, the founder and chief executive officer of SpaceX

SpaceX crew capsule ends test flight with ocean splashdown

Mar 8, 2019

SpaceX's slick new crew capsule has returned to Earth, ending its first test flight with an old-fashioned splashdown

US-built capsule with a dummy aboard docks at space station

Mar 3, 2019

A sleek American-built space capsule with just a test dummy aboard has docked smoothly with the International Space Station

Crew capsule rockets toward space station with test dummy

Mar 2, 2019

A dummy is on its way to the International Space Station in a SpaceX capsule designed to carry humans

SpaceX debuts new crew capsule in crucial test flight

Feb 28, 2019

SpaceX closes in on human spaceflight with this weekend's debut of a new capsule designed for astronauts

NASA, SpaceX OK 1st test flight of crew capsule next week

Feb 23, 2019

NASA and SpaceX approve a test flight next week of the crew Dragon capsule

Virgin Galactic: Rocket reaches space again in test flight

Feb 22, 2019

Virgin Galactic says its rocket plane has reached space for a second time in a test flight over California

Israel flying to moon after SpaceX launch

Feb 22, 2019

Israel is on its way to the moon, following a dramatic nighttime launch by SpaceX

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