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End of shutdown still leaves contract workers hanging

Jan 27, 2019

The end of the record government shutdown has left government contract workers with lingering uncertainty

Faraway space snowman is pitted and has bright 'collar'

Jan 25, 2019

Faraway space snowman visited by NASA on New Year's Day is pitted all over with a 'collar'

NASA's storm-silenced rover marks 15th anniversary on Mars

Jan 24, 2019

NASA's Opportunity rover silently marks its 15th anniversary on Mars

NASA replaces astronaut on Boeing's 1st crew launch

Jan 23, 2019

NASA replaces astronaut assigned to Boeing's first capsule launch with a crew

Blue Origin shoots NASA experiments into space in test

Jan 23, 2019

Jeff Bezos' rocket company, Blue Origin, launches NASA experiments into space on brief test flight

Scientists: Saturn spent billions of years without its rings

Jan 17, 2019

Scientists say Saturn spent billions of years _ almost its entire existence _ without its stunning rings

Hubble Telescope camera back in action after 1-week shutdown

Jan 17, 2019

Hubble Space Telescope's premier camera is back to work, after a 1-week shutdown

SpaceX to build Mars ships in Texas, not Los Angeles

Jan 17, 2019

SpaceX says it will build test versions of its Mars spaceship in south Texas instead of the Port of Los Angeles, dealing another blow to the local economy only days after the company announced massive layoffs

SpaceX to lay off 10 percent of workforce to become leaner

Jan 12, 2019

SpaceX is laying off 10 percent of its roughly 6,000 workers, saying it needs to get leaner so it can succeed in enormous projects such as creating an interplanetary spacecraft

SpaceX launches 10 more Iridium Communications satellites

Jan 11, 2019

A SpaceX rocket has delivered 10 satellites to low-Earth orbit, completing a two-year campaign by Iridium Communications to replace its original fleet with a new generation of mobile communication technology and added global aircraft tracking capability

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