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The moon landing was a giant leap for movies, too

Jul 12, 2019

The moon landing 50 years ago was a giant leap not just for mankind but for filmmaking

TV is over the moon with specials recounting 1969 landing

Jul 5, 2019

Television is over the moon about the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission this month

Poll: Tracking asteroids a favored focus for space program

Jun 20, 2019

AP-NORC poll: Most Americans prefer focusing on potential asteroid impacts

Canadian Radarsat satellites head to orbit on SpaceX rocket

Jun 12, 2019

Three satellites for the Canadian Space Agency's Earth-monitoring Radarsat program are heading toward orbit aboard a SpaceX rocket

Report: NASA's major projects busting budgets, schedules

May 30, 2019

NASA's major projects are busting budgets and schedules like never before

Amazon's Bezos says he'll send a spaceship to the moon

May 10, 2019

Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos says he's going to send a spaceship to the moon, joining a resurgence of lunar interest half a century after people first set foot there

SpaceX shipment reaches space station after weekend launch

May 6, 2019

SpaceX shipment arrives at International Space Station following weekend launch

SpaceX launches supplies to space station after power delays

May 4, 2019

SpaceX has launched a load of supplies to the International Space Station, running at full power following repairs

SpaceX delays launch to freshly repaired space station

May 3, 2019

SpaceX has delayed a supply run to the International Space Station, back to full power after quick repairs

SpaceX confirms crew capsule destroyed in ground test

May 2, 2019

SpaceX confirms crew capsule was destroyed in ground testing two weeks ago

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